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Marwa Nour

Expected to intrigue the most refined fashionista, our superior chiffon luxuriously delicate and dazzling, while at the same time feeling like fine gossamer, so soft and light yet unbelievably stylish, intended to be worn with love, humility, and pride

Have yourself enjoy our solid Chiffon bringing exemplary refinement to your attire. Smooth, lightweight texture, versatile, and easy to style adding an elegant class to your regular wear or be a definitive piece to go with you on your wander lusting adventures.

Crystal Pearl Chiffon

Superior Chiffon

So soft & light yet unbelievably stylish

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Matte Satin Silk

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Accessories/Inner Shawls

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Perfect Hijab Look Everyday!

Our large soft chiffon scrunchies create a nice bun shape for a perfect hijab styling every time!

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